Shop Leader in Paris, a new company helping the foreign fashion designers to sell their brands in Paris


Shop Leader In Paris aims at helping foreign companies working in manufacturing and selling of fashion items « top of the range and luxury only» for their business development in Paris, the fashion capital.

There are  3 stages :

– Retailing via our  3 showrooms (rue saint honoré 240m², uai de Jemmapes 1000m² et maison des metalos 500m² )
– Communications on all the international and French fashion medias  b-to-b
– Help in researcheing  and in opening a flag-ship store in Paris.

This package includes more than 30 other services such as:
Architecture, conception  & design.
Legal aid, and so on.

Collaborating with WHO’S NEXT, Shop Leader in Paris can be an advantageous help for Young Designers such as our winners of the Whosnextblog contest.

Here is a presentation:

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