Restaurant group giraffe has announced it will open its first site within a Tesco store on 5th August 2013 in Watford Extra.

With its own separate entrance, as well as access from the store, the 3,424 square feet, 170-cover restaurant will trade all-day from breakfast through to dinner.

The menu features the freshest, seasonal ingredients, all sourced from British producers. Value for money remains an integral part of the concept and the brand’s signature ‘Lunch for Less’ (£6.25 for a main course) and ‘Feel Good’ dinner (£9.95 for two courses) remain.

Russel Joffe, co-founder and managing director of Giraffe Concepts said: “We are delighted to be opening our very first giraffe within a Tesco store. This is an exciting first step in the growth of the brand and allows us to introduce giraffe to a wider audience. Over the next 12 months, we plan to open 10 restaurants in Tesco stores and five new restaurants on the high street.”

Written by Maria Bracken 23/07/13

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